Her Journey Told Podcast: Women Helping Women Series with Tina Fox

Episode Page: https://bit.ly/3KLeZrZ

Show Notes:
00:00 Sandy opens the show with an introduction to the “Women Helping Women” series featuring Tina Fox
3:13 Tina discusses how a heartfelt moment with her son lead her to leave a very successful corporate sales career to “do something different”
9:50 Sandy relays her own story of transitioning and how her husband helped to push her when she may have felt incapable of making the change
12:57 Sandy and Tina discuss taking a demotion in order to use their mental capacity to support the future you’re trying to create, and the reactions to their decisions
23:04 Tina and Sandy discuss fine-tuning your frequency to what you want to gravitate towards and a better way to look at pursuing your passions
29:49 Tina explains Women on Course and how she partnered with the company through starting her own private business group for women, to eventually become part-owner
35:40 Sandy shares her experience as an accountant at a Women on Course event
39:03 The conversation shifts to the current state of ‘women helping women’
43:23 Tina explains how she was prompted by a friend to mentor and how she pushes more women to mentor as well
50:32 Sandy closes the show on a warm note; Tina tells us how to find her online