I’m a person who found my passion in connecting with others and connecting others to one another.

My whole life has been an authentically curious journey inspiring me to mentor others and lead all the way.

As a global sales leader and entrepreneur, I recognize the value of authentic connections. We all want accessible, local, leadership from our business colleagues as well as in our personal lives. As we progress in life, it can be challenging to navigate our careers when access to leaders is never guaranteed. I collaborate with organizations to develop a culture of connection that accelerates intentional impact in meaningful ways.

Everyone wants to be heard and know what they said mattered.

My Journey

My life as an outsider (military “brat” on the move) helped me realize this fact and I became more interested, than being interesting. That made all the difference when it came to getting to know folks. People want to be known and I enjoy learning about them.

Today I have honed the art of interpersonal connection and work to support others in their journey to create connections that matter. This effort is showcased in two places, TERN Mentoring and my public talks.

Despite my extroverted outer shell, I am an ambivert at heart. I find peace in the quiet of things and recharge in nature. I find energy in the connection with others. The balance of the two is my yin-yang.

I call myself an accidental entrepreneur having needed to change my 20+ year corporate career to suit the fact I wanted to be a more present parent and lead from the front.

I have been smitten with my husband, Jeff for over 16 years and we are blessed with three boys and a Portuguese Water Dog named Soapy.


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